Subject Verb Agreement Class 7 Explanation

Subject-verb agreement is a fundamental concept in the English language. It is an essential skill that every student should understand and master. In Class 7, the emphasis is on building a strong foundation of grammar, and subject-verb agreement is a critical aspect of that.

What is subject-verb agreement?

Subject-verb agreement refers to the grammatical agreement between a subject and a verb. The verb must agree with the number (singular or plural) and the person (first, second, or third) of the subject. In simpler terms, the verb needs to match the subject in terms of quantity and person.

Examples of subject-verb agreement:

– She sings beautifully. (singular subject, third-person singular verb)

– They play football every day. (plural subject, third-person plural verb)

– I am studying for my exams. (singular subject, first-person singular verb)

Explanation of subject-verb agreement:

For students in Class 7, subject-verb agreement can be tricky. However, with some practice, it can become an easy concept to understand. Here are some tips to help students understand subject-verb agreement:

1. Singular subject: A singular subject takes a singular verb. For example:

– The boy runs in the park.

– She eats lunch at noon.

2. Plural subject: A plural subject takes a plural verb. For example:

– The girls study diligently.

– They enjoy playing soccer.

3. Compound subject: A compound subject that consists of two or more nouns takes a plural verb. For example:

– The cat and the dog play in the yard.

– Tom and Jerry are always fighting.

4. Indefinite pronouns: Indefinite pronouns like everyone, somebody, nobody, and anybody take a singular verb. For example:

– Somebody is knocking on the door.

– Everyone wants to go to the party.

5. Collective nouns: Collective nouns like family, team, and staff can take a singular or plural verb, depending on the context. For example:

– The team is playing well. (singular verb)

– The team are all wearing their new jerseys. (plural verb)


Subject-verb agreement is a vital aspect of English grammar, and it is a concept that students in Class 7 need to understand. The above tips can help students master this idea and apply it to their writing and speaking. By having a solid understanding of subject-verb agreement, students can improve their overall communication skills and become confident writers.